We provide a full management service for woodland and forest owners.

This service is designed to ensure your property is well-managed, both in accordance with UKWAS and also in a way that protects the capability of the woodland environment and ensures long-term objectives are balanced and achieved.



We are lucky to have been working with a number of specialist contractors for many years so that we can deliver high quality work in a reliable and safe manner.

Our work is managed in accordance with best health and safety practices and we seek to protect the environment in which we work.



We aim to be flexible in how your timber is marketed, working with partners in the industry and processing sector, we seek to maximise sale returns through optimising both harvesting operations and timber prices by careful planning and negotiation.

The route to market may vary depending on demand - some crops may be sold standing while others worked through a negotiated sale.

Where opportunities exist for niche sales or for sale of non-timber products, we will seek to exploit these opportunities.



We provide consultancy services in a variety of forestry and woodland specialisms. Should you require an investment health check or more complex expert services, for example for an environmental assessment, please contact us and we would be delighted to discuss your requirements with you.

Our core consultancy areas are:

  • Investment appraisals
  • Landscape and forest design
  • Optimising felling coupe design
  • Compliance Management of natural woodlands
  • Crop assessment
  • Timber marketing